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Effective loss control—reducing the number and size of losses—may impact both the availability and affordability of insurance. A business that is indifferent to loss control may have a higher than average number of insurance claims. A really poor loss history can make it difficult to find insurance. Conversely, businesses that actively manage risks, and thereby control losses, will have fewer claims and will often see those efforts rewarded with lower insurance premiums.

UFG Client Use Information
  Cell Phone Usage Policy (LC7132)
  Driver Selection: Who is driving your vehicles (LC7101)
  High Cost of Driver Risk (LC7055)
  MVR Application Form - Iowa (IA_Form)
  MVR Evaluation Program Guidelines (LC7060)
  MVR Evaulation Program (LC7059)
  MVR Introduction Letter and Consent Form (COM6626)
  MVR Release Form (COM6625)
  Negligent Entrustment (LC7054)
  Portable Electronic Devices (LC7124)
  Restaurant Vehicle Safety (LC7183)
  Ride Sharing (LC7198)
  Safe Driving Tips for Truck Drivers (LC7088)
  Sample Loss Control Fleet Safety Program (LC7083)
  Vehicle Accident Investigation Report (PROD1320)
  Vehicle Use in Spanish (LC3058)
  Vehicle Use Policy (LC7058)
  General Liability
  Casualty Claims Management Evaluation and Progress (LC7111)
  Construction Defects (LC7157)
  Guest Incident Report (LC7120)
  Life Safety Inspection Checklist (LC7176)
  Preventiong Sip and Fall Accidents (LC7171)
  Product Safety Guidelines (LC7064)
  Risk Transfer for Contractors (LC7069)
  Slips, Trips and Falls Accident Investigation Proc (LC7134)
  Tips Reducing GL Loss Restaurant (LC7184)
  Underground Utility Locate Questionnaire (LC7187)
  Underground Utility Safety Guideline Excavation (LC7136)
  Weather Related Maintenance (LC7131)
  Inland Marine Contractors
  Contractors Equipment Self Audit (LC7070)
  Contractors Equipment: Is your equipment secured? (LC7100)
  Copper Theft (LC7108)
  Cranes - Mobile Crane Setup (LC7056)
  Cranes - Rigging Equipment Inspection (LC7067)
  Cranes - Rigging Top Ten Things to Do (LC7066)
  Cranes - Rigging Worksheet (LC7072)
  Cranes - Telescopic Boom Preoperational Inspection (LC7099)
  Flooding: Are You Prepared? (LC7077)
  Mobile Equipment Prestart Inspection (LC7071)
  Industry Specific
  Electrical Contractor Safety/Best Practices (LC7158)
  Jobsite Safety Survey (LC7153)
  Mechanical Contractor – General Liability and Comp (LC7085)
  Mechanical Contractor – Safety Guidelines and Best (LC7084)
  Ready Mix - Safety Guidelines (LC7074)
  Ready Mix Batching Facility Safety Audit (LC7068)
  Ready Mix Driver Road Test and Evaluation (LC7073)
  Ready Mix Vehicle Inspection Report (LC7075)
  Roofing - Roofing Guidelines/Best Practices (LC7065)
  Roofing Contractors Safety Checklist (LC7057)
  Roofing Pre-Inspection Evaluation (LC7090)
  Roofing-Hot Tar Kettle and Tanker Operations Safet (LC7087)
  Clearances for Chimney Connectors (LC7017)
  Commercial Cooking Clearances (LC7027)
  Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety (LC7150)
  Construction Site Fire Prevention (LC7152)
  Emergency Services & Action Planning (LC7151)
  Fire Safety Inspection Checklist (LC7177)
  Flammable and Combustible Liquids (LC7076)
  Hot Work Permit (LC7194(0516))
  Hot Work Permit Policy-Construction Sites (LC7178)
  Pallet Dangers (LC7197)
  Property Crime Protection (LC7147)
  Restaurant Property Checklist (LC7182)
  UFG Loss Control Services
  Stronger Together UFG Lost Control (PROD2047)
  Workers Compensation
  Abrasive Wheel Grinders Safety Checklist (LC7185)
  Aerial Sample Aerial Lift Safety Program (LC7098)
  Aging Workers Create New Challenges (LC7052)
  Arc Flash Safety (LC7149)
  Drug Testing: What's the Benefits? (LC7086)
  Excavation and Trenching Safety Checklist (LC7094)
  Excavation-Safety Guidelines for Excavation (LC7095)
  Fall Protection – Construction Safety Guidelines (LC7089)
  Fall Protection Fall Arrest System Checklist (LC7139)
  Fall Protection Hole Covers (LC7170)
  Fall Protection in Construction Safety Guidelines (LC7105)
  Fall Protection Requirements Construction (LC7138)
  Fall Protection-Jobsite Safety Checklist (LC7093)
  Hand Protection (LC7172)
  Hard Hats Selection, Use and Care (LC7155)
  Incident Review Process (LC7199)
  Injury Management – In-House Coordinator Report (LC7079)
  Injury Management Claim Reporting - Iowa (COM6826)
  Injury Management Daily Injury Incident Log (LC7110)
  Injury Management Employee Information (LC7109)
  Injury Management Job Function Analysis (LC7080)
  Injury Management Physicians Return to Work Report (LC7118)
  Injury Management Report of Incident Instructions (LC7113)
  Injury Management Supervisor’s Report of Incident (LC7081)
  Injury Management WC Evaluation and Progress Form (LC7112)
  Ladder Safety Checklist (LC7130)
  Ladder Safety Guidelines (LC7129)
  Lockout/Tagout (LC7063)
  Lockout/Tagout Policy (LC7126)
  Lockout/Tagout Procedure (LC7127)
  Machine Guarding Safety Checklist (LC7186)
  Portable Generator Safety (LC7148)
  Portable Heater Safety in Construction (LC7156)
  Post Accident Drug Screening (LC7204)
  Powered Industrial Trucks (LC7159)
  Prevent Injuries in MicroBrewing (LC7180)
  Rough Terrain Forklift Safety (LC7173)
  Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Safety Checklist (LC7121)
  Slip, Trip and Falls Prevention Guidelines (LC7122)
  Top Ten Most Hazardous Aerial Lift Activities (LC7097)
  Training Schedule (LC7146)
  Wire Rope Clamps (LC7160)
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