Universal Life Insurance

Considered to be the "hybrid" product in the life insurance industry, universal life can be customized to fit your needs and budget. It is permanent life insurance with built-in flexibility, allowing you to adjust the policy as your needs change. You can even cover your entire family under one permanent policy.

Basic Coverage
Personalized Coverage
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Universal life insurance is an economical alternative that offers both flexibility and guarantees. It is a flexible life insurance plan in which payments are placed into an account and monthly policy expenses are removed from the account while the remainder continues to earn interest.


  • Flexible benefits and premiums*
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth earning a current stated interest rate
  • Plan can be customized with riders (Click the Personalized Coverage section above to learn more or contact your independent life insurance agent.)


  • Interest rate could drop, leading to less cash value growth**
  • If not funded properly, the coverage can lapse

*death benefit increases are subject to underwriting and premiums are subject to minimum requirements
**the guaranteed minimum interest rate is 3.00 percent

Planning for retirement is different for each individual and family. That’s why United Life offers a variety of riders that can be purchased and added to your policy. Some of our most popular riders include:

  • Guaranteed No-Lapse: By purchasing this popular rider, you must pay the stated ongoing Guaranteed No-Lapse premiums. By doing so, the coverage is guaranteed not to lapse, even if the cash value interest rate goes down over the years.
  • Qualified Care Accelerated Death Benefit: When an insured is receiving qualified care and cannot perform at least two Activities of Daily Living*, a chosen percentage of the rider benefit will be paid out monthly until exhausted or terminated. If the benefit is never exercised, the full living and death benefits of the life insurance remain.

    *Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) include basic personal activities, such as bathing, eating, dressing, mobility, transferring from bed to chair, and using the toilet. ADLs are used to measure how dependent a person may be on requiring assistance in performing any or all of these activities.

  • Children’s Insurance: With this rider, all of your children can be covered for one rider price. Natural-born or adopted children, up to age 18, can be covered with the rider, including the addition of future children. When each child reaches age 25, they convert to their own plan without having to prove insurability, up to five times the death benefit, not to exceed $50,000.
  • Other Insured: If you would like to add another person to be covered under your policy, such as a spouse or business partner, you may do so by purchasing our Other Insured rider.

Planning for the future can be tricky, unless, of course, you have a crystal ball. Our life insurance calculator can help plan your family’s financial future, estimating the amount of life insurance needed for your family. Start planning for your future by using our Life Insurance Calculator today.


Please visit with one of our independent agents to help you decide if a universal life insurance plan is right for you and your family.

Content on this website represents only a brief description of coverages. Coverages vary by state. Some products are not available in every state. Please check with your agent and read the policy for exact details on coverages and exclusions. If there is a discrepancy between the product as it is generally described here and the policy or rider issued to you, the provisions of the policy or rider will prevail.

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