Surety Bonds

More than 50 years ago, United Fire Group opened the doors to its surety bonds department. These decades of experience, coupled with our knowledge and skill, make United Fire Group the partner of choice in today’s bonds market.

Let United Fire Group take the burden of securing a surety bond off your shoulders with the help of one of our expert agents. Rest assured that United Fire Group has the financial stability and conservative business approach to provide the strength and dependability you expect from a bonds company.

Suretyship plays an important role in managing risk strategies for individuals, organizations and governments by guaranteeing the performance or financial obligation of others.

The key business elements, which set United Fire Group apart from the other surety companies include:

Financial Rating and Treasury Listings

  • A.M. Best rating of "A" financial size category X ($500 to $750 million)
  • United Fire Group has a current treasury listing of $54,204,000.
  • United Fire & Indemnity Company (Texas) has a current treasury listing of $1,423,000.
  • Financial Pacific Insurance Company has a current treasury listing of $7,718,000.

Multi-line offerings

Professional Affiliations

  • Surety and Fidelity Association of America (SAA)
  • National Association of Independent Sureties (NAIS)
  • Construction Financial Management Association
  • National Association of Surety Bonds Producers (NASBP)
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