Our Business Approach

UFG began as the dream of one man, Scott McIntyre Sr., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and over the past 65 years has grown into a publically traded multibillion-dollar company.

UFG sells through more than 1,200 independent agencies in 43 states, plus the District of Columbia, and as a life insurer in 36 states, represented by more than 900 independent life agencies. We employ more than 950 individuals throughout our offices in California, Colorado, Iowa (corporate headquarters), Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Commitment to Shareholder Value (figures as of 12/31/13)
  • Total Consolidated Assets: $3,720,672,000
  • Stockholder’s Equity: $782,833,000
  • Book Value per Share: $30.87
Conservative Management Approach

UFG embraces a conservative management approach to business operations, which has contributed to its financial strength and stability as a nationally recognized insurance carrier. We are a generalist company and prefer a wide array of risk classes. Underwriting expertise is our strength.

National Presence

By using a combination of conservative management, progressive leadership and competitive products, UFG has grown from a small automobile insurance company into a successful regional carrier. United Fire & Casualty Company, the parent company of UFG, was founded in 1946. In addition to United Fire & Casualty Company, UFG also includes the following wholly owned insurance subsidiaries:

  • United Life Insurance Company
  • Lafayette Insurance Company
  • Addison Insurance Company
  • United Fire & Indemnity Company
  • United Fire Lloyds
  • Mercer Insurance Company
  • Mercer Insurance Company of New Jersey, Inc.
  • Franklin Insurance Company
  • Financial Pacific Insurance Company

We are gratified to have the opportunity to protect the hopes and dreams of individuals across the nation.

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